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Command - Twin Cylinder Torque Values & Sequences For Fasteners

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Model (Horsepower) CH & CV18 (18) CH & CV20 (20) CH & CV22 (22) CH & CV25 (25)
Breather Plate 7.3 N-rn (65 in. lb.)
Carburetor Mounting Nuts 9.9 Nm (88 in. lb.)
Charging Stator Mounting Screw 4.0 N-rn (35 in. lb.)
Connecting Rod Cap Fastener Torque 8mm straight 22.7 N-rn (200 in. lb.), 8mm step-down 14.7 N-rn (130 in. lb.), 6mm straight 11.3 N-m (100 in. lb.)
Closure Plate (CH)/Oil Pan (CV) 24.4 N-rn (216 in. lb.)
Fastener 40.7 N-rn (30 ft. lb.)2
Rocker Pedestal (Pivot) 11.3 N-rn (100 in. lb.)
Electric Starter Mounting 15.3 N-rn (135 in. lb.)
Flywheel Fan Fasteners 9.9 N-rn (88 in. lb.)
Retainer Screw 66.4 N-rn (49 ft. lb.)
Ignition Spark Plug 24.4/29.8 N-rn (18/22 ft. lb.)
Ignition Module 4.0*/6.2 N-rn (35*/55 in. lb.)
Manifold (Intake) 9.9 Nm (88 in. lb.)
Muffler Retaining Nuts 24.4 N-rn (216 in. lb.)
Rectifier Fasteners 4.0 N-rn (35 in. lb.)
Oil Filter Oil Filter 5.7/9.0 N-rn (50/80 in. lb.)
Oil Drain Plug (1/8" NPT) 13.6 N-rn (10 ft. lb.)
Oil SentryTM Switch 7.9 N-rn (70 in. lb.)
Governor Control Lever 9.9 N-rn (88 in. lb.)
Speed Control Assembly 7.3*/10.7 Nrn (65*/95 in. lb.)1
Valve Cover Gasket/Sealant Type 3.4 N-rn (30 in. lb.)
O-Ring Type 7.9 N-rn (70 in. lb.)

1For self-tapping (thread forming) fasteners; The higher torque value is for initial installation into a new cored hole the lower torque value is for subsequent installation, and installation into tapped holes and weld nuts.

2Tighten in two stages. Torque first to 15 ft. lb. following sequence. Then tighten to final torque value (30 ft. lb.).

Valve Cover Closure Plate (CH)/Oil Pan (CV) Breather Plate

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