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Topic: Any Help Identifying John Doe Lawnmower (Now a Debate)



I have a small riding lawn mower. It has a 20" deck which is part of the frame. It has 2 small front wheels about 5" in diameter and one larger rear wheel about 14" in diameter. It is rear wheel drive and has a small Briggs engine in the front with a kick start. The steering is 2 handle bars. Original color looks like bright green? Mower is run by a right angel gear box and unit is only single speed. Driver sits on a bicycle seat mounted over the rear wheel. Any help at all would be appreciated.


The mower on the trivia section fits discription of the old Snapper
rider, w/ turtle head on it. It is green , three wheeled, and has a wire mesh
screen for a seat. No parts are for avalible for this unit anymore. It really
only has a display or collectors value. If unit is for sale, or if the person
would like to trade. Contact me at Oakridgeoutdoor@aol.com or fax 205-629-2270, or call 205-629-2270.
Richard Joyner.

The answer to this is 100% incorrect. It is not a Snapper turtle rider! Snapper turtles, both walk behind or ride on had skidplates instead of front wheels and were turquoise. Back wheels were approx 10" and concealed under the deck. I have a turtle in my collection along with other old Snapper mowers and a bug light! Our family was a Snapper distributor for 25 years.
Gary Stewart
Scott Supply Inc
Ohio USA
Correction to my reply, the Snapper Turlle Rider did have front wheels, the sulky model and walkbehind model used the skidplate.



















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