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Lawn & Garden Power Equipment
Topic: Antiques for Sale



In 1921 a Mr C Pugh built the first gas driven lawnmower in the U.K. According to
the "Old Lawnmowers Club" U.K., the first year production (921) had a brass flywheel
magneto, a kick start, and the gas tank between the handles.
I happen to own one in excellent condition (picture). Not even the Museum in the U.K. appears to have a brass one, as theirs shows a metal flywheel, crank starter, and tank over engine.
I also own a 1-1/2 - 2-1/2 stationary I H C, a complete 1 cyl 92 Maytag washing machine,
a 72 Maytag twin machine, a real clean Johnson Peterborough Iron Horse (Kick), a couple
of older nondiscript engines, a 5 H.P. Wisconsin side shaft to be placed onto a portable
grist-corn-flower mill. (picture)



















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