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Topic: Super Split Wood Splitter



I have a Super Split wood splitter which is 20 years old and needs the geared shaft which is also the axle for the 2 big bullwheels. I could use any advice as the store can't remember where they got it and I don't have a parts list or address or suppler.


The Super Split address, phone and E-Mail is:

GFX Corporation
608 Spring Street
East Bridgewater
MA 02333
Tel: 508-378-7100, FAX: 508-378-7122
email: logsplit@shore.net

- Jack Wiley


From Peter Holtje (retired from owning Wellesley Tree Service)
I'm willing to bet the problem with the shaft (rack) is that it's bent and won't keep contact with the pinion gear it drives. I had the same problem with mine in 1980 and contacted Frank Grainey who invented and built them. He simply blocked one end of the rack up off the ground with a small piece of wood and drove over the top (gears down). Straightened the baby right out and it STILL is the fastest splitter around.



















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