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Topic: Looking for an Electric Tiller



I am interested in obtaining an electric tiller for my garden and flower beds.
My dad had a Mo Ho years ago and my friend has a working Garden Maid Soil
Blender. All I can find are gas, gas/oil ones. Do you know of any electric
ones still made? Or where I can obtain a used working one?


Thanks to Suzanne for the following answer....
I also was looking for an electric tiller. I found one at http://www.mantisgardentools.com/us/main-electric-tiller.htm
It is 21 lbs. Their phone number is 1-800 366-6268. This was the only one I found.

Further to Garden Maid:
Garden Maid was a brand used by Detroit Tool Metal Products. I found reference to it on their history page but no indication at all if they still make or service it.

Further to Garden Maid:
"The Soil Blender asked about on your website is no longer made or serviced by Detroit Tool. According to our information the rights to the soil blender ended up with Desa Industries of Bowling Green KY, but we don't believe they have resurrected the product. My husband was the chief engineer for Detroit Tool and was the co-inventor and developer of the soil blender."
- M. Burtin

Aug/08 - Remington (Desa) now has an electric tiller. You can see them at ...



















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