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Topic: ID a John Doe Snowblower



I have an older 2-stage snowblower in good working shape, but have no idea who made it. All decals and markings appear to be present and readable. The handle "apron" decals simply say Self Propelled, 10 Speeds Forward, 4 Speeds Reverse and 7 HP - no other wording. On top of blower housing it says "The Snowthrower". The serial no. sticker 726-0530 is on lower left rear.

The manual which came with machine is complete, but has NO manufacturer info or
copywrite info. It has numbered parts diagrams but no ordering info. The manual says
the unit is a Model 8000. Unit was either red or orange with black /white trim when new; it's
now a rather pink color. The engine is an electric start HM70 Tecumseh.

Model No. 8000.

From Parts List:
SK 2-007 Scraper Blade
SK 2-008 Skid-Auger Housing
SK 2-040R Auger Assembly
SK 2-084 Friction Drive Wheel(B)

All part numbers use this SK 2-xxx format and several "off the shelf" parts also give mfg of part ie:
SK 2-196 Pushnut, Palnut Co No. PW375011
SK 2-187 Ball Joint, SP1003 (Superior)

....which is really nice for the servicer.

I am usually pretty good at ID'ing stuff such as MTD & Murray clones and such, but
this unit doesn't match up with Toro, Ariens, Simplicity, Gilson, Lambert, MTD, Murray, Noma or such of similar vintage. I would date it late 60's - early 70's.

Any help appreciated as this is"really buggin me"
...Thx in Adv.


We couldn't help but we got this update from the gent that originally asked:
I have recently determined through info received that it is a Sunbeam Manufactured unit. This division of Sunbeam was later taken over by Aircap, which was then absorbed by the MTD conglomerate. No further info was available from Sunbeam or AirCap/MTD. NO parts are available for pre AirCap/MTD-Sunbeam equipment. I am currently fabricating a steel replacement "control motion converter" to replace the broken zinc casting.



















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